Zumaya Publications LLC is an innovative new publishing company that strives to bring the best of fiction to the public. Zumaya officially launched in 2001 with the release of its first titles in print and PDF format. This year will bring a greatly expanded listing to suit all tastes.

With new publishers appearing and failing almost daily, Zumaya Publishing stands apart by limiting its list to only the highest quality titles. One of the advantages of the new digital publishing industry is that we are able to offer titles from talented authors previously overlooked by traditional markets or who write in genres transcending standardized categories of fantasy, science fiction, romance, mystery and others.

Zumaya's philosophy is simple. If it's a great, well-written story, we'll publish it.

Our books are not only available through several channels in the US, but also in Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

All Zumaya ebooks are offered free of digital rights management (DRM), which means no matter whom you buy it from, you can convert it to read on the reader or app of your choice.

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Footprints in the Snow
His Name is John
Dancing in the Kitchen
Blood of My Blood
Ogre Castle
The Road to Weird
Guns of Sevastopol
50 Rooms

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May 2016



Artist Bob Hobbs has shared some random images from his book "Moordragon's Illustrated Grimoire". The book will be mostly imagery with some text...the idea being it to look like an old witch's journal/book of magic spells. Though still a work in progress, so far it is looking lovely! And ZP will be publishing it!

Moordragon's Illustrated Grimoire
Map of Mithewinter
sample page 1
sample page 4

Artist April Martinez paired up with author Monette Michaels to create a promotional coloring book out of her book covers, and they blogging about it for the month of April. If you want to take a peek, you can find the beginning of the posts here.


Rie Sheridan Rose has two anthology releases this month - Lightships and Sabers, and Lost Trails Vol. 2: Forgotten Tales of the Weird West. Both stories are in the Conn-Mann universe.

She also has the CD Pirates vs. Dragons and its companion ebook debuting this month.


Kim Baccellia - author of No More Goddesses - wrote a guest blog piece for School Library Journal on Growing up with a Bipolar Father. She also included ten YA books that address the subject of bipolar disorder.


has two appearances this month.

On May 14, Roberta will join four other mystery writers in a panel at the Captial City Book Fair in Trencton NJ. they will discuss such matters as Plotting, Chatacters, and Setting, then sign their books at booksellers' booths.

On May 27-30, Roberta will also be at BaltiCon Science Fiction Convention from May 27 to May 30, selling her books at the Broad Universe table and singing her filk songs. Catch her there!

Book Trailers

This month's book trailer is for novel - in the Service of Samurai


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